My Dry Wet Mess Lands At Brainfeeder With “Stereo Typing”

The album will be out in November

Brainfeeder welcomes Italian producer Giovanni Civitenga, alias My Dry Wet Mess, with the release of “Stereo Typing”, his second album. The title of the album is a direct reference to the theme of the album. As the author explains, the album starts from the idea of “writing narration through sounds”. To articulate this, Civitenga combines live instrumentation and samples from a variety of sources, shifting between the coordinates of underwater bass, R&B perversions and electronic experimentation.

Recorded between Barcelona and Berlin over the course of fifteen months, the album includes the collaboration of Gianluca Pellegrino, New York vocalist Maryam Modarressi, and Civitenga’s own father, who plays the guitar on various tracks.

“Stereo Typing” is slated for release on 13th November. So far we don’t have any advance tracks, but we leave you here with the tracklist and cover art, by illustrator Elliot Beaumont and inspired by the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico.


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