Kyoka joins the 'Unun' series

The first woman on Raster-Noton

German label Raster-Norton has a new addition to their 'Unun' series - a collection of 12-inch vinyls, the name of which is derived from the Greek atomic numbers for the chemical elements 111–119 in the periodic table. Don't ask us why. The fifth contribution to the series is by Japanese artist Kyoka, who thus becomes the first woman ever on the influential experimental label's roster. “Ununpentium Ish” presents a sound that takes on digital noise from a highly fragmented perspective, looking for beauty in chaotic developments. Produced by Frank Bretschneider, the single is completed with a remix by Atom TM. Out next Monday, 13th February.

kyoka - ununpentium ish (album preview) by experimedia

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