Kranky Announces Arrival Of A Second Felix Album

The album was recorded in an old 40s cinema in Nottingham

Kranky announces the release of “Oh Holy Molar”, the second album from British trio Felix, made up of vocalist and pianist Lucinda Chua, guitarist Chris Summerlin, and the most recent addition, drummer Neil Turpin (who also forms a part of Yann Tiersen’s band). The album will reach the shops on 23rd April and includes thirteen songs in which the trio continues with that minimal, clean-lined pop that they are known for; telling stories about superstition and the search for protection against bad omens. The label says that the album was recorded in a huge, creepy 40s cinema in Nottingham which has been converted into a studio. Once the recording was finished, the band found an abandoned dental laboratory underneath the room where they had been rehearsing, giving them the idea for this appropriate title for the album.

Underneath these lines you will find an advance, “ Oh Thee 73”, a piece that gives a good example of Felix’s sound interests.

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