Kommune1 Debuts With Magic Wire

Lone’s label will release "MOTUS/Shadowkick" on 10th December

Matt Cutler, aka Lone, is picking up the pace of his label Magic Wire to bring out a new name. After having put out the magnificent "Pineapple Crush" and "Emerald Fantasy Tracks" and two more Neon Jung titles, the label’s next release will contain two songs by a new producer. His name is Kommune1, and little more than his real name, Denois Martin, is known about him. "MOTUS" and "Shadowkick" are his songs, the two cuts that will fill the grooves of this single, out officially this coming 10th of December, both digitally and as a 10" record. What you can hear below is "Shadowkick", an opus of Detroit-inspired tech-house with a heavy dose of groove, very similar to the latest samples of Randomer and Blawan. To the right of these lines are the artwork and tracklist of "MOTUS/Shadowkick".

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