Kieran Hebden + Steve Reid

The recording of last concert released

With the death of Steve Reid in April 2010, we didn't only lose one of the best jazz drummers ever, but also one of the most fruitful collaborations of recent years. We're talking about the duo formed by Reid and Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden, good for four glorious albums released on Domino between 2006 and 2008. Fortunately, there will be one more new title added to the series with “Live At The South Bank”; most likely the last authorised recording of a performance by Reid before he died. The recording is of a concert Reid and Hebden did with reputed sax player Mats Gustafsson at the Queen Elizabeth Hall of the London Southbank Centre at the Meltdown festival 2009, curated by Ornette Coleman. The record will be released by Norwegian label Smalltown Superjazzz on double LP and double CD, in both cases with a sleeve designed by Kim Hiorthoy and liner notes by Rob Young, editor-at-large at The Wire. “Live At The South Bank” will be out on the 14th of November.


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