Kevin Saunderson Compiles His Classics

Listen to a selection from “KMS 25th Anniversary Classics”

This year, KMS, the label founded by Kevin Saunderson in Detroit in 1987, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Though when Triangle Of Love” (the first title on the platform) was released that same year, the label 'Detroit techno' was still to be invented. The imprint proved to be key for the definition of the sound from the Motor City, along with labels like Metroplex Records (directed by Juan Atkins) and Transmat (founded by Derrick May).

To celebrate, the label is releasing KMS 25th Anniversary Classics”, an anthology box set featuring 49 classics from the KMS catalogue. Most of them are by Saunderson himself (both solo and in collaboration with others), released under a string of aliases, such as Kreem, Reese & Santonio, Reese, The Reese Project, Inner City, E-Dancer, Tronik House and Esser'ay. So in a way it's also an overview of Saunderson's career, from his earliest techno experiments to his massive hits with Inner City.

The compilation is out today on four CDs, or six 12”s. Here we leave you with a selection of twelve tracks, courtesy of NPR.

Kreem, "Triangle Of Love" (1987)

Reese & Santonio, "How To Play Our Music" (1987)

Kevin Saunderson, "The Groove That Won't Stop" (1988)

Reese, "Rock To The Beat" (1989)

E-Dancer, "Speaker Punishing (The Dirty Mix)" (1991)

The Reese Project, "Station Of The Groove" (1991)

Tronik House, "Up Tempo" (1992)

Esser'ay, "Forces" (1994)

E-Dancer, "World Of Deep" (1997)

E-Dancer, "Velocity Funk" (1997)

Inner City, "Good Life (Recreated Mix)" (2012)

Inner City, "Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)" (2009)


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