Keith Fullerton Whitman Captures His Live Set On “Occlusions”

The American's new album is due out on Editions Mego in June

Anyone who's seen Keith Fullerton Whitman live knows that his show is one of the finest in modern experimental analogue synthesiser music. His new album on Editions Mego will allow us to enjoy the show in the privacy of our own home. Occlusions” holds two recordings from earlier this year, featuring Whitman's live experience in all of its splendour (including the minor errors). Occlusion (Rue de Bitche)” was recorded at Les Ateliers De Bitche in Nantes, France, while Occlusion (Weteringschans)” was taken from the American's gig at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Two long pieces, completely improvised, which, according to our man, are “a 'kind' of dance music.” However, the label sends out a warning that it's not music for those “seeking meter, melody, cleanliness, or a clearly outlined organizational sense.” The record will be out on LP as of 19th June.


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