Kassem Mosse And Mix Mup Work Together As MM/KM

Trilogy Tapes releases their first mini LP

Kassem Mosse returns to Trilogy Tapes, Will Bankhead's exquisite boutique label. This time he's accompanied by studio partner Mix Mup, with whom he has been doing all of his recent remixes. The couple will release their first joint original work under the name MM/KM, a limited edition mini LP on 10-inch, on 1st March. The release features six new tracks, among which are the two you can listen to fragments of below, a kind of lethargic Jungle entitled “Lost in NPE2” and the oppressive and cerebral “Burst A Move”.

It's the German producer's second release on Trilogy Tapes, after an ultra-limited tape release in November 2010, featuring a Mosse live set at Brixton's Plan B club. You'd better pay attention. Get your copy here.

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