Karenn And The Analogue Cops Kick Off 'The Green Series'

A new project arising from the collaboration between Bleep, GiveUpArt, and photographer Shaun Bloodworth

The Green Series is the new publishing project in which the sales platform Bleep, London design studio GiveUpArt, and photographer Shaun Bloodworth join forces to give us a view of the state of the art in new techno. The first title of the 'Green Series' has already been announced for the month of November, although the exact date hasn’t been specified yet. There will be two cuts on it, one by Karenn Blawan and Pariah ’s project together- and another by the Talibans of plastic, The Analogue Cops.

To celebrate the birth of the platform, The Green Series have prepared three events, each of them in a different European city. In chronological order, the first will be a Boiler Room in Berlin today (24th October) at 20.00 CET. The line-up is headed by the Germans Marcel Dettman and Redshape, accompanied by Lucy and a Live show by Third Side (Analogue Cops accompanied by Steffi). On Friday, London will be the lucky city to host the party for the release of the first The Green Series, with Blawan, Objekt and Pangeae, among others, while on Saturday the location will be Paris, with a night of Steffi, Analogue Cops, Objekt and Lucy. You have all of the information on the official The Green Series website.

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