Karen Gwyer Signs The New Title On Patten's Label Kaleidoscope

Her debut tape “I’ve Been You Twice”, due out on 2nd May

Kaleidoscope, the brand-new label run by patten, is getting ready for the second chapter in its LIMITED DUBS series. Karen Gwyer, an artist from Michigan but currently residing in London, will be making her debut with the tape I’ve Been You Twice: A heavy drift of crystal clear synthesizer swirl, impressionistic flashes of melody, and unexpected percussive patterns, with Gwyer’s own carefully multi-tracked vocals, shifting insistent from undulating blur to sharp focus, and back again - dawn hour incantations. The influences go from Terry Riley to Cluster and Steve Reich.

There are as many as fourteen different versions of the four tracks. On one hand there are the master recordings, which will be digitally available for free. Those versions were recorded onto tape, adding live effects during the process, in order to produce thirteen unique cassettes, each slightly different from the others, which will go on sale on 2nd May.

After the jump you can see the video or listen to the audio of No Moondoggies For 3 Weeks”.


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