Kaleidoscope, Patten’s Label, Presents Vanilla Hammer

Check out the clip for “Burning Sand”, the first advance track from his debut album

Kaleidoscope, the label headed by patten, brings us the debut of the elusive producer Vanilla Hammer. Information about the project is scarce, but according to the label, his sound could be defined as “dreamlike isolationist techno”. In “Retreat”, however, the producer presents seven compositions dominated by stylistic diversity and dense textures, which have been described as “a heady collision of wide-open vistas, close-whispered conversations, forgotten paths, and dusty ancient futures, flickering like heat scorched desert mirages”.

The album, which forms a part of the label’s Limited Dubs series, will be available on 5th November both digitally and as five cassettes. Below, we leave you with the disturbing video for “ Burning Sand”, the first advance track from the album.

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