Jimmy Edgar finds a new home on Hotflush

New 12” and an album upcoming

Jimmy Edgar has gone a year without releasing anything, dedicating his time to other activities (photography, graphic design, roaming the streets of Berlin at night like a vampire). Since his “XXX” (2010) on !K7, the Motor City Adonis hadn't put anything out, except for a few remixes. That situation will change on 17th March, when he makes his debut on Hotflush. Scuba's label will release a new 12-inch - “This One's For The Children” - featuring two new cuts (plus an instrumental version) as a taster for the release of his new album this Spring (also on Hotflush). In short: new alliances that will most likely make our mouths water.

Jimmy Edgar "Hot, Raw, Sex" (Original) by jimmyedgar

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