Jessie Ware Shares A Teaser Of “Devotion”

Listen to fragments of several of the songs that will be on her debut album

“Devotion”, Jessie Ware’s much-awaited debut album, will be out on 20th August. The date is coming closer and Jessie wants to introduce us to her baby with honours. The London songstress had already been generous with us by putting out a handful of spotless singles that will appear on the album. The silky Strangest Feeling won’t be there, but Running, Devotion, 110% and the recent, exciting Wildest Moments ” will be. And the rest? What can we expect of the rest of her first full-length work? Will it live up to what we have heard so far? Well, it looks like the answer is yes. Jessie has just released a video teaser where you hear practically all of those other songs that haven’t been released yet, and it sounds sweet, without any filler. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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