Japandroids Have Their Second Album Ready

Polyvinyl will release “Celebration Rock” in June

Japandroids have announced their second album, “Celebration Rock”, will be out in June on Polyvinyl. Guitarist and singer Brian King talked about the LP on Pitchfork, which features nine tracks, all new, except for Younger Us”, the steamrolling single from 2010. According to King, the band were faced with a dilemma as soon as they got into the studio: how to get the spontaneous atmosphere of their live shows on tape? They didn't just think about it: “on a lot of this new record, we actually tried to simulate the sound of what we thought the crowd would do during the songs.”

For this second effort, partly forced by their limited budget, the twosome decided to try out their producing skills - which have improved considerably over the years, they feel – with the help of sound engineer Jesse Gander. King also says they “had a bit more confidence” when it came to song-writing. We'll know soon enough what all this meant for the new album.

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