JMII, Half Of Aster, Makes His Debut On 100% Silk

“Nueva York” due out by the end of October

After his releases on Mathematics and Hivern as part of Aster, Barcelona producer Jami Bassols, alias JMII, will be making his solo debut with an EP on acclaimed LA label 100% Silk. On “ Nueva York, the producer, currently based in Berlin, presents four slices of weightless, psychedelic house, built with analogue equipment and the controls set for both outer space and inner spirit. Highlights of the EP are the bubbly title track and the deeply emotional “ Fiesta Música”, made with moving piano notes and heavenly vocals. Completing the 12” are the bleepy “ Els Burrell”, and the mysteriously exotic “ Redivivo”. The release date is set for 20th October on vinyl and ten days later on digital.


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