Italians Do It Better Announces “After Dark 2”

The second volume of its legendary compilation

Five years ago, Italians Do It Better started out with a series of singles and a compilation sampler, entitled “ After Dark”, which put projects like Mirage and Farah on the map, and at the same time exhibited the new synth sensibilities of post-punk bands like Glass Candy and Chromatics. Now, more than established on the scene, the label led by Mike Simonetti, a household name in all things neo-disco and nocturnal synth-pop, is announcing the release of the second volume of the legendary compilation. The tracklist holds 16 mostly unreleased pieces by Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, and Chromatics, among others. “ After Dark 2 will be out on 15th October, on a triple gold glitter vinyl LP. Check the tracklist and artwork to the right.


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