Indians Announce Their Debut On 4AD

Their first album is due out on 28th January

Things have gone fast for Indians. The one-man project of Danish Søren Løkke Juul started last winter, but he quickly gathered a band around him and everything started to accelerate. In February they played their first gig, independently released their first single shortly after that and soon they were picked up by 4AD for their album debut, “Somewhere Else”, due out on 28th January.

The LP was recorded in a studio in the countryside outside Copenhagen and is a “highly personal document that's equal parts melancholic lament and hopeful stargazing […] Heavily evocative of the natural world, the album's cavernous tones and Autumnal warmth just as much recall the vastness of the Scandinavia landscape.” You can hear what that sounds like below, in the first advance track from the album, Cakelakers”.

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