Human Teenager make their debut with “Animal Husbandry”

Cold post-pop on Spectrum Spools

After twelve releases in the field of experimental sounds, coupled with the legacy of cosmic and synthetic music, John Elliott opens the door of his platform Spectrum Spools to 'pop with synth' alongside post-punk tendencies. Human Teenager, the duo formed by synth experimenter Gary War and Taylor Richardson, make their album debut with “Animal Husbandry”. Recorded in 2011 on several locations, the record sails the seas of synthesised, psychedelic pop with an eclectic amalgamation of wired guitars, mutant samples, rickety drum machines and wriggling synths. The result is an effort which, in spite of its abstract and dispersed sound, is strangely addictive. Available from 27th March through Spectrum Spools.

"Fourth Reich" by Human Teenager by spectrumspools

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