“Hoyas”, The New EP By S. Carey

The Bon Iver member is delivering his second solo effort

Bad as it may seem, to most people, Sean Carey is still little more than Justin Vernon's companion onstage. But the truth is that Carey, a fundamental part of Bon Iver, started a solo career two years ago that is well worth our attention and praise, without the need to argue about his other activities. His debut album on Jagjaguwar, “All We Grow”, was one of the hidden gems of two years ago, and now, S. Carey is back with a four-track EP entitled “Hoyas”, out on Jagjaguwar on 8th May.

“Hoyas” is the result of the collaboration between Carey and Ben Lester, drummer and pedal steel guitarist of A.A. Bondy. The two musicians started to exchange ideas about two years ago. Those sketches ended up shaping four songs, somewhat more electronic than his previous work, for a record described as “a hospitable statement about love, longing and the celebration of knowing it well.” The pieces, recorded in a home studio with the help of a lap-top and little else, were produced and mixed by Justin Vernon and Brian Joseph, another Bon Iver band member. As said: out on 8th May.

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