Henry Saiz Proposes You Take Part In His First Album

The Madrid producer starts an innovative process looking to get his followers involved in the composition of the record

After the success of “Balance 019”, the restless Henry Saiz has just announced that he is starting to work on his highly anticipated debut album. It should be out this autumn, entitled "Reality Is For Those Who Are Not Strong Enough To Confront Their Dreams ". The Madrid producer started an innovative process in order to get his followers involved in the creation of the LP. How? By sending him your samples. From all the sounds he receives, Saiz will pick the ones he finds interesting and will make them part of the record. The plan isn't to use loops and finished ideas, like a collective remix of some sorts, but to integrate the sounds into the album conceptually; redesigning and trying to reinterpret them. Henry Saiz explains:

"It's always been clear to me that this album was going to be based on sampling and the manipulation of both real and synthesised sounds. So I thought that, besides sampling all kinds of sources, like I did on “Balance 019”, it would be interesting to have access to truly unique and unheard samples. That's where people and their personal sounds come in. Using and recycling material that has an emotional element for people, and that has been unpublished, will enrich the record and will give it many dimensions, both for me and for the listener. Plus, it's going to be a lot of fun.”

If you want to join the project, go to and follow the instructions.


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