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HTRK – “Work (work, work)”

On 18th March, Sean Stewart, the bassist and founding member of HTRK(pronounced as “Hate Rock”, an economic spelling of the band formerly known as Hate Rock Trio) committed suicide in his London flat. This marked the genesis of “Work (work, work)”, the second album of what is now a duo made up of Australians Nigel Yang and Jonnine Davis. The band’s debut will be released through Ghostly Internationalin North America, and through Blast First Petite for the rest of the world. The album was conceived between 2006 and 2010 between Berlin (their first home on European soil) and London, and finished only a few weeks after Stewart’s tragic death. The album, which is slightly more electronic than its predecessors, contains ten compositions in the band’s usual vein, which feed off lethargic 808 beats and disturbing synths and guitar textures, and are crowned by the ambiguous voice of Jonnine Standish drenched in tons of reverb. Their sound is as schematic as it is corrosive, with a dark, cryptic and sensual beauty that can also be found in the work of bands like Suicide or directors like David Lynch. The release date is set for 6th September. You can check the tracklist to the right of this article and download one of the tracks here.

HTRK - Eat Yr Heart


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