Gwilym Gold Has His (Literally) “Infinite” Album Ready

“Tender Metal” can be acquired at the Apple App Store from the 10th September

Over a year ago, we told you about the intention of Gwilym Gold, ex-keyboardist and singer of Golden Silvers, to launch a revolutionary musical format named 'Bronze'. Bronze was presented as a non-interactive musical format (the user doesn’t make decisions and can’t manipulate the material at will) with audio-generating functions. Thus the material recorded and presented according to this new technology is transformed in real time each time you listen to it, creating new and unique variations each time it is played.

Until now, you could hear individual songs by Gwilym Gold, but now the musician has announced the release of his first full-length, “Tender Metal”, on sale from the 10th September through the Apple App Store. That is to say, instead of opting for a traditional physical release, the album can be listened to through the player of the generative application ‘Bronze’, which is compatible with an iPod, iPad and iPhone. To make a long story short, thanks to Bronze, every time that you listen to a song from “Tender Metal” it will be a version different from the previous one, and so on until the end of time.

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