Grischa Lichtenberger Makes His Album Debut On Raster-Noton

Listen to two tracks off of "And IV (Inertia)"

After making his debut on the label with the EP “ ~Treibgut” in 2009, and participating in the Unun-Series, German producer Grischa Lichtenberger has his first full-length for Raster-Noton ready, entitled And IV (Inertia)”. The album title refers to an imaginary successor to the Baksan neutrino telescope, an idea which, as Lichtenberger explains, was originally meant to become a novel. In order to shape the record, the Berlin-based artist manipulated field recordings from his surroundings and reduced them to their minimal expression, only to combine them with analogue sounds and digital resources. The record boasts a total of 21 tracks with different identities, on which there's room for techno, fragmented rhythms, mechanical grooves, and some much more vaporous segments. “And IV (Inertia)” will be out this month. Here we leave you with two tracks off of it.


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