Gravenhurst Has His Fourth Album Ready

Warp will release it on 1st May

Warp Records has announced the release of the fourth album by Gravenhurst, “ The Ghost In Daylight”, on 1st May. Word has it Nick Talbot's new effort is musically more diverse, featuring gaunt acoustic pieces, such as “ The Prize” - which you'll find below these lines - mixed with tracks built by dense layers of Mellotron, Optigan and old synthesisers. Acoustic tranquillity and electricity face to face with no fear. A sound that is the result of such mixed influences as My Bloody Valentine, Simon & Garfunkel and post-ambient studies by Brian Eno. “I find the divine in drone, dissonance and noise so there is a near-religious amount of controlled chaos beneath the close harmonies and finger-picked guitars” Talbot explains.

Gravenhurst - The Prize

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