Lefse Gives Details About Martin Eden (Eluvium)’s Debut Album

“Dedicate Function” will be out on 9th October

About ten days ago, Lefse announced that the next artist to participate in its series of 7”s would be Martin Eden, Matthew Cooper’s new alias; you may know him for his work as Eluvium. Now it is confirmed that this new relationship is long-term, as the label will also release his debut album, “Dedicate Function”, on 9th October. As the record company have announced, this rechristening is not merely a whim, but rather it corresponds to a change in style. His new adventure “is a world of off-kilter beats and unidentifiable instrument loops and keyboard swells. It somehow manages to be cold and alien and warm and human.” Underneath these lines, you will find the first of the advances from it, “ Verions”.

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