Werk Gives Details About Lukid’s New Full-Length

"Lonely At The Top" will be out in October

The new alliance between Werk Discs and Ninja Tune is starting to get itself noticed. As they have already let us know, Actress’ label has prepared several EP releases for this year and also a new full-length from Lukid. The details about Luke Blair’s fourth full-length work have just come out. We knew that the album would be called "Lonely At The Top", another ironic comment from the young English producer. Today we also found out that the album will be out on 22nd October, bringing together a dozen cuts with a variety of intentions that are presented as “a story of catharsis and redemption” told through sound. After his two EPs for GLUM, where he showed his colder, angrier side in “danceable” cuts that drew upon rawer Chicago House, deconstructed techno and grime, this time Lukid has chosen to distil the influences that were the backbone of all of his previous works to create his most varied album to date. It also promises to be more personal, proof of a new ease, and an example of a new musical voice.

In "Lonely At The Top" there are smoky beats with echoes of funk in half-darkness and boogie, as well as forays into the depths of underwater techno, abstract house and faded-texture house, IDM-ish exercises with metallic timbres, ambient and electronic passages with a trace of pop. In the labels words, all of these profiles shape the story of a young man coming to terms with himself and his own idiosyncrasies and contradictions. Lukid has stopped trying to explain things; there are no real genre signposts here, and no trying to fit in with anyone else’s expectations.”

Those who want to see how much truth there is in these words need only follow this link to pre-order the album on the Ninja Tune website; there you can hear generous fragments of all of the cuts on the album. Another option is to stop by here and download one of the cuts from the album, “USSR”, in exchange for an email address.

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