Gavin Russon Announces The Crystal Ark Album

DFA will put it out at the end of October

Only a few days ago, a new 12” by The Crystal Ark came out officially, featuring “We Came For”, a song that you can listen to the shortest version of underneath these lines. Now we know that the track is in fact the first single from what will be the debut album of the project led by synth handyman Gavin Russon. Although The Crystal Ark was born of the collaboration with filmmaker and vocalist Viva Ruiz, as a project interested in exploring the combination of synthetic rhythms and Afro-Latin percussion, over time it has ended up turning into a whole big band. Besides Russon and Ruiz, today The Crystal Ark is home to percussionist Alberto Lopez, bassists Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem) and Eliza Douglas, vocalists Jaiko Suzuki and Sokhna Heathyre Mabin, and electronics expert Matt Thornley (also involved, like Russon himself, in the final live phase of LCD Soundsystem). Together they have recorded an album that is said to be a compendium of styles and various rhythms, which DFA will put out round about 30th October. We leave you with the cover art and tracklist of the album to the right of these lines.

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