Gabriel Saloman Returns Solo

The other half of Yellow Swans lands at Miasmah with “Adhere”

Contrary to the hyperactivity of Pete Swanson, who has become the new enfant terrible of prickly, strident techno experimentation over the last two years, his former partner Gabriel Saloman had barely made the news since the end of their joint venture as Yellow Swans. This situation will change at the end of November, when the Miasmah label puts out “Adhere”, Saloman’s first proper solo album. His personal explorations are a far cry from the noisy aggression and sonic abrasion of yesteryear, delving into a dense, textured ambient, submerged in reverb, shored up by the percussion of natural sounds, guitars with a slow, quiet rise, the tapping of pianos, and the rubbing of strings with an undulating trajectory. Saloman thus occupies a space between the sound of “Going Places”, Yellow Swans’ most atmospheric, deep, introspective “posthumous” album, and the imagination of people associated with Miasmah, such as Elegi or Kreng. The album will be out the last week of November (4th December in the USA) on vinyl and digitally.

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