Friends Release Debut LP On 4th June

Fat Possum and Lucky Number will bring “Manifest!” to the shops

After releasing two promising singles in 2011, Brooklyn quintet Friends is preparing for their debut LP. Fat Possum will put out their first album, “Manifest!”, on 5th June in the US ( Lucky Number will do the same thing a day earlier on the other side of the Atlantic). The band says that they produced the twelve songs on the album themselves last summer, with the help of sound engineer Daniel Schlett in the Strange Weather studios. For the moment, few other details are known about this work, although we can get a taste from a first advance, “ Mind Control”. The song was mixed by Paul Epworth and walks the fine line between Zé Records and freestyle, and the nouveau post-disco of his neighbours from DFA - which could give us a bit of an idea of what the LP might sound like. For the time being, we have a good anthem to dance to.


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