Fourth Album By Tropa Macaca

The Portuguese duo will release their new work on Daniel Lopatin's label

The new title on Daniel Lopatin's Software Label, a subsidiary of Mexican Summer, will be by Portuguese duo Tropa Macaca. “Ectoplasma”, their fourth record, will be out on the 31st July on physical and digital formats.

While no more details are known, we can offer you the tracklist (just two songs) and artwork, as well as what the label has to say about the release: Ectoplasma finds Tropa Macaca creating a quantic fantasy sound not unlike a cybernetically enhanced Taj Mahal Travellers interpreting a lost chapter of One Hundred Years of Solitude. The chemistry of Tropa Macaca imbues every tendril of Ectoplasma — truly mysterious music made for and by adventurous, vibrating people.”


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