Fort Romeau Debuts On 100% Silk

Listen to the first cut from “Kingdoms”

Fort Romeau is the alias of Brit Mike Norris, better known as the live keyboard player of La Roux. Taking advantage of a break in the band’s touring, the young producer has put together “Kingdoms”, his debut mini-album for 100% Silk. Armed with a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and an old laptop, Norris has crafted eight cuts that delve more deeply into various branches of house, from the jacking “Jack Rollin'” to the soulful “Say Something”, the Chicago nerve of “Some Of Us Want For Nothing”, and the spacey yet evocative “One Night”. All of them are full of nocturnal ambiance, extra-creamy pads, and a profusion of vocal samples.

The launch will be available starting 13th March on CD and vinyl. Here, we’ll leave you with the first two cuts.


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