Deep Time (Formerly Known As Yellow Fever) On Hardly Art

Self-titled debut album due out on 10th July

The name Deep Time probably doesn't ring any bells, but if we tell you the duo is formed by Jennifer Moore and Adam Jones, formerly known as Yellow Fever, and that Jennifer was once part of The Carrots, that might ring a bell. Hardly Art will be releasing the Austin couple's self-titled first album under this name on 10th July. Though their sound has always been a brand of minimal art-pop (listen to first advance track Clouds”, with Moore's mischievous voice and the echoes of a cross between The Fiery Furnaces and English new wave, or between a synth-less Stereolab and a pop version of Slant 6), on this new effort they're exploring new territory, what they themselves call polka-soul new-wave, italo and easy-listening. “Every song on the record is a bona fide catastrophe for the forces of predictability and boredom,” says the label.

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