Flying Lotus Confirms Date For New Album

Thom Yorke is one of the album’s collaborators

The follow-up to “Cosmogramma” already has a release date. Flying Lotus confirmed recently that his new album, “Until The Quiet Comes”, will be out this coming 2nd October via Warp. In declarations to Rolling Stone, the California producer explained that it’s a more “mature and contained” album than his previous efforts. He also confirmed that Thom Yorke, who already appeared in “Cosmogramma”, is one of the album collaborators. The rest of the long list of contributors will be announced over the coming days.

Meanwhile, in advance of this new album, Warp has just reissued FlyLo’s first two albums for the label, as well as the EPs “Pattern + Grid World” and “Reset EP”. All of them are once again available on vinyl. Remember that at the end of last year, Plug Research reissued “1983”, his debut album.


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