Flowers and Sea Creatures

Debut album on Buzzin' Fly

Flowers and Sea Creatures are a two-headed monster, a sweet anomaly looking for a space between cinematic pop and house. They incorporate electronic music and their first EPs for Buzzin' Fly are music to dance to with tears in your eyes - but their sound is closer to that of Radiohead five years ago than to modern dance music. Both aspects are represented on “Flowers and Sea Creatures”, their debut album. Depending on the track you're hearing, they sound like a pop band or an electronic cyberdelic, emotional slow-house act. In truth, Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos focus more on the first, leaving the electronica in the hands of Ewan Pearson, Fred Everything and The Revenge. So you know what to expect. The record will be released on the 26th of September on Buzzin' Fly. Listen to the previews below.

Flowers and Sea Creatures / 'Flowers and Sea Creatures' by buzzinfly


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