Filastine Returns With A New Album

The spirited world-bass producer will release “£00T” in April

Two years after his last release, the always spirited Filastine has his new album ready. On “ £00T”, the American producer, based in Barcelona, once again delivers a collection of tracks influenced by sounds from all over the world, and turned into some powerful weapons of bass destruction. He built the tracks with recordings he made by sticking a series of microphones to a shopping cart, and taking that with him to places like Indonesia, Tokyo, Morocco, Bangladesh and Brazil, gathering field recordings. He then manipulated the sounds on his laptop and added all kinds of exotic percussion played by himself, creating some serious pieces of defiant electronica.

The album will come out on 3rd April on Multi Music, while “ Colony Collapse EP”, featuring the collaboration of Indonesian vocalist Nova on the title track, is available now as an appetiser. Check the video below.

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