Faitiche Compiles Jan Jelinek’s Rarities

“Music for Fragments / Music & Birds” is the first of a series of four releases

The Faitiche label, headed by Jan Jelinek, has just begun a series of four compilation releases aimed at bringing together Jelinek’s work from different sources; whether commissioned works, live recordings, collaborations with other artists, or previously-unreleased music from the last five years. The first delivery in the series is the mini-LP “Music for Fragments / Music & Birds”. The A-side brings us two extracts of the music that Jelinek composed for the dance piece “Fragments” by Canadian choreographer Sylvain Émard. On the other side, there are four cuts arising from the performance “Music & Birds”, commissioned by Barcelona museum CosmoCaixa in 2011. These are rhythmic sketches that Jelinek produced using recordings of the sound of birds and two oscillators, recorded during the preparation for the performance. The album will be available starting 12th October.

The label has also announced that once the series is finished, there will also be a box set for collectors with a thick libretto. If you prefer the digital format, you will be happy to know that there will also be a limited number of USB memory sticks shaped like cement bricks put out, containing the MP3 version of the releases.

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