Evan Caminiti Outside Of Barn Owl

“Dreamless Sleep” on Thrill Jockey

Last April, “Black Mesa” (Thrill Jockey, 2012) was released, a concept album ( “a reflection on desolation and the search for light in a barren land” , in the words of the label) that was the second solo album by Jon Porras , half of Barn Owl. Now it's his partner Evan Caminiti who's announcing a solo effort. Entitled “Dreamless Sleep”, the LP will feature seven “hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss."

The first version of the album was recorded in spring of 2011 in San Francisco, with guitars, synthesizers and a four-track recorder. Late 2011, back after almost ten months of touring, Caminiti elaborated further on the material, from a totally different viewpoint. “It was deconstructed and reformed into a different album than what it had once been, echoing some of the themes I wanted the songs to reflect initially -- the way our memory changes events in the past and how our surroundings define us.”

“Dreamless Sleep” will be out on 21st August on Thrill Jockey.

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