Saint Etienne Reveal Details About Their New Album

“Words And Music By Saint Etienne” will be out on 21st May

The past seven years have been very long for the fans of Saint Etienne, but the torture is over at last. The London trio finally has their new album ready, “ Words And Music By Saint Etienne”, and will release it on 21st May, on Universal. We have already seen the video for one of the tracks, the delicious pop anthem “ Tonight”, but now we have got to know a little bit more about the LP.

According to the band, the record's about how music affects your life, how it defines the way you look at the world as a child, how it can help you unexpectedly when you're going through a rough patch, and how songs you have known all of your life can take new shapes and hurt you every time you hear them. In short, the affair is about believing in the power of music and living your life according to its rules. In three months, we'll be able to hear the results.

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