Eric Lanham Debuts Under His Own Name

“The Sincere Interruption” is due out in July on Spectrum Spools

After several albums released under monikers like Carl Calm and Palmetto Moon Electronic Group, or as half of Caboladies, Chicago experimental musician Eric Lanham is about to make his full-length debut under his own name. The Sincere Interruption” collects some electronic improvisations in the vein of the adventurous material released in the late nineties by labels like Mille Plateaux and Warp. According to Spectrum Spools, the record is “crammed with information overload situations and infinite variables to one's listening perception. It's a challenge to hear the album the same way twice with the sheer amount of action and peculiarity happening over the duration.” The album's slated for release on 3rd July. Here we leave you with the tracklist and artwork.

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