Emptyset Make Their Debut On Raster-Noton

The Bristol duo deliver the sixth title in the 'unun' series with "Collapsed"

It's only been six months since Bristol duo Emptyset delivered "Medium" , their last album for Subtext. However, the couple formed by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas are announcing new material, which also means their debut on the Raster-Noton label. Their first title for the German imprint is "Collapsed", the sixth episode of the 'unun' series. The press release reads that, on these four tracks, Ginzburg and Purgas investigate “the threshold where sonic structure is destabilized to the point where a chaotic order emerges out of a resistance to fragmentation and likewise explores the potential contained within this liminal space of transition.” The EP will be out on 12” vinyl on 15th October.


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