Egyptrixx And Ian McGettigan Are Hiwatha

Listen to the first advance from the duo’s debut album

Hiawatha is the project that brings together David Psutka, known for his neon productions as Egyptrixx, and Ian McGettigan, bass player for the rock group Thrush Hermit and member of the electronic duo Camouflage Nights. These very different backgrounds result in a sound that is thick and psychedelic, halfway between rock experimentation and obscurantist electronica. That is at least what “ Caring Less and Less to See and Know You”, the first advance from “Language”, the project’s first album, says to us. It’s a work that Psutka himself says, “ is a dichotomous record — an exploration of pessimism and optimism; success and failure; concussion and tranquillity.” We’ll have to wait until 25th September to translate those words into a sound. Released by Last Gang Records.


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