Dusk + Blackdown Return... With Burial?

Listen to extracts of their new EP on Keysound

Dusk + Blackdown are about to put out what will be their first release since 2008, when they released the album “Margins Music” and a later appendix of remixes by Grievous Angel. It caught our eye that the release is signed as “Dusk & Blackdown + (blank)”, leading us to deduce that there is a third producer on board. Listening to “ High Road”, the opening cut on the EP, the question is cleared up: everything suggests that the featured guest is Burial. It seems to be an old track, dating back to around 2006, from the same period when Burial remixed Blackdown’s “ Crackle Blues”. Although there has been no official confirmation yet, both the precedents and the sound of the track make the verdict fairly certain.

The 12” is finished off with a couple of previously unreleased cuts by the duo, as well as a remix of “ Focus”, the track included on the aforementioned “Margins Music”, by Blackdown. It’s all slated to come out at the end of July on Keysound.

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