Dum Dum Girls Return With A New EP In September

“End Of Daze” will feature a cover of a track by new-wave duo Strawberry Switchblade

LA band Dum Dum Girls continue their unstoppable output with the EP End Of Daze, due out on 25th September on Sub Pop, an effort described by the label as a “daring sonic example of artists evolving in their understanding of the world.” Two of the songs on it, Mine Tonight” and “ I Got Nothing”, were written by Dee Dee Penny shortly after the recording sessions for their album “ Only In Dreams” (Sub Pop, 2011), and put onto tape with a rendition of Strawberry Switchblade's Trees And Flowers”, alongside Sune Rose Wagner ( The Raveonettes) in New York, in February 2011.

Though the band originally meant to use the songs as B-sides for their singles, eventually they chose to “set them aside for a future, more atmospheric release.” The record is completed with Lord Knows”, a “regretful ballad”, and Season In Hell”, a piece that apparently is more raucous than the other tracks. Watch an acoustic version of Mine Tonight” below.

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