Double Six Will Release The New John Cale Album

“Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood” is due out on 1st October

Double Six, sub-label of Domino, has just announced the new album by John Cale, Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood”. It's due out on 1st October, on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, CD and digital. “For an album that seems born of a return to John’s youth it seems safely apt in its mischievousness,” the label comments. The album is the result of the recording sessions in the musician's LA studio, where he has been experimenting with MPCs, slamming on pianos, manipulating glitches and his signature viola drones. There's also a spontaneously created track with Danger Mouse, I Wanna Talk 2 U”. “It’s a blend of chaos and beauty in equal measure and a testament to the exploratory spirit at work,” according to Double Six.

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