Dirty Projectors Announce A 7” Available Only At Their Concerts

David Longstreth also suggests they're working with Solange Knowles

Apart from their new album just out, “ Swing Lo Magellan”, Dirty Projectors have another trick up their sleeve. We've just learned that there is a limited edition 7” single that is only available from the merchandising stand at their concerts. It features two previously unreleased songs, “ Buckle Up” and “ Desire To Love”. For now, the only thing we know is that there will be 200 copies available at their release party at Prospect Park in Brooklyn tomorrow. According to the band, it will be the only time the record will be on sale.

However, don't lose hope, for David Longstreth recently declared to Exclaim! that there are more pieces from the “Swing Lo Magellan” recording sessions that didn't end up on the album, so we expect they'll show up sooner or later.

In other news, it looks like the Dirty Projectors are planning new projects already. One of them would be a collaboration with Solange Knowles, who in 2009 did a version of “ Stillness Is The Move”. At least, that's what we read into Longstreth's words in The Guardian: “We're buds. I'm making some beats for her. It's at a germinative state right now. She's very busy and it might not be her top priority to just put together an album.”

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