Dimlite Presents “Absicission”

A collection of “Grimm Reality” discards

“Absicission” is the “new” full-length work by adventurous beat-maker and musician Dimitri Grimm, alias Dimlite. We say “new” because in reality, it is a collection of discards from “Grimm Reality”, the album he released at the beginning of the year on Now Again Records. In the wake of that album’s sound, the producer brings us a new ration of highly psychedelic abstractions drawn with brushstrokes taken from free jazz, in which one sees everything from hints of Kraut to digital hip hop digressions. With an even grimmer, more forest-like sound than “Grimm Reality”, this new collection of songs allows us to navigate the furthest reaches of this intrepid Swiss experimenter’s peculiar musical perspective. The album will come out some time in June on Ripl Music (it sounds like a new label of Grimm himself). Although the tracklist hasn’t been released yet, we can already offer you an extract of all of the cuts.


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