Dibiase Delivers A New Collection Of Beats

10thirty releases “Sound Palace”

LA beatsmith Dibiase hasn't released an album since mid-2010, and at the moment, there are no signs of a follow up to the brilliant “Machines Hate Me” (Alpha Pup, 2011). So we'll have to wait for a proper album, but at least we'll get a new collection of tracks that will soothe the souls of the Cali beat scene addicts. Late last year, Dibiase collected some new and old unreleased tracks (several of which were made for his participation in Red Bull Big Tune) on “Sound Palace” - a self-released CD-R on 10thirty Records, which could only be purchased by ordering it directly from the artist. On 5th March, this compilation will be widely available in Europe, thanks to its distribution by Cargo. The record features 18 tracks that oscillate between G-funk, spacey beats and 8-bit melodies. Everything one might expect from Dibiase.


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