New Details Of Amateur Love Re-Issue, The First Bet Of Justin Vernon’s Label

The album will include a code for the download of unreleased songs

At the beginning of January we told you of the birth of a new recording label created by Justin Vernon, Chigliak. We now know more details about what its first release will be; the re-issue of “It’s All Aquatic” by Amateur Love, will reach the shops on the 22nd May. The leader of Bon Iver explains that this band, Amateur Love, was the catalyst that led him to decide to found this new platform - reiterating the prime importance of their presence on the Eau Claire music scene. In fact, he goes further, considering them the city’s most acclaimed group. But all told, he doesn’t expect that this new release will earn them any great popularity, he simply wants to give their music a new chance to live among those who adore it and those who still haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it.

As we said, on 22nd May their first and only album will go on sale as a 12”. It was originally released in 2003, but only as a CD. The pack also includes a code for downloading unreleased recordings known as “The Ev Sessions”. As a first point of contact, you can listen to “ Con/A Sewer/Cat” after the jump.

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