More Details On Laurel Halo's Album For Hyperdub

“Quarantine” due out late May

Kode9 was the first to bring the news. Two days ago, the Glaswegian tweeted that Laurel Halo's first album will be out on Hyperdub. Though there's no audio available for now, according to the press note, Quarantine” is an album of “transporting songs”, on which compositions with a pop heart mix with “intuitive but exacting electronic abstraction.” The effort includes twelve songs on which the floating harmonies go hand in hand with noise, sub-bass torrents, samples and synthesized phrases outlining a “mutilated sonic topography.” Furthermore, unlike on Halo's previous works, her voice “is placed in the foreground”. The album will be out on 28th May in Europe. To the right of this article you'll see the tracklist and artwork, inspired by Japanese anime.

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