New Details About Tim Hecker And Daniel Lopatin's Album

“Instrumental Tourist” will be out on 20th November via Software

Thanks to the press releases from Polish festival Unsound, we knew that Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin ( Oneohtrix Point Never) were working together on something, developing material which they will present at the event before it's released. Now, the couple has confirmed that their album will be called “Instrumental Tourist” , and that it will be released on 20th November via Software, the label directed by Lopatin and his partner in crime Joel Ford.

The record is the first in a series of collaborative efforts called SSTUDIOS, for which they'll invite “artists in the field of electronic music to create collaborative works of quality and vision”. For this particular production, the musicians “designed a sound palette from the acoustic resonance of digitally-sourced 'Instruments of the World.'” The label also explains that the LP was recorded in a studio with the improvisational attitude of jazz. As a preview, they're giving us “Uptown Psychedelia”, six minutes of music between ambient drone, electro-acoustic improvisation, and placid psychedelia. Listen to it below.

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